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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 7, 2010 11:10pm-11:45pm EST

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park scouting out an area for turkey hunting and he came across some bones that he believed were human remains. he called the police and we responded. we determined that they were, in fact, human. and we have taken them to baltimore for examination. >> reporter: there was a mention that the bones were found in a shallow grave? >> they were in a shallow grave. it took some time to exhume them. >> reporter: so, again, the remains were taken to baltimore for an autopsy. the medical examiner will determine exactly how she died. whether she was the victim of foul play. police say she may be identified through dental records. reporting live from rockville, darcy spencer, back to you. the metro entrance to the pentagon will reopen tomorrow for the first time since thursday's deadly shootout. that's the entrance to get from the metro into the building. theentagon metro train and bus platform reopened last night.
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two pentagon police officers are recovering from gunshot wounds. those officers killed the gunman. badell had a history of men fal illness. d.c. police identified the woman hit and killed by a semitruck while jogging here the national mall yesterday. be officers awaiting to release the woman's name until they can notify her family. she was hit at the intersection of constitution avenue and 14th street. investigators are looking for the truck driver who hit her and kept going. they are studying surveillance video looking for clues. police in southern california believe remains found yesterday are those of missing teenager, amber dubois. the 14-year-old was last seen walking to school in february of last year. dubois's remains were identified by dental records. investigators say they are looking for clues as to who killed her. today, her father thanked those that helped to find amber's body and bring their family some
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closure. >> first of all we'd like to thank everybody involved in the search for amber. the entire community, everybody who helped out in our search efforts. and above all, our huge volunteer corp who -- they were most dedicated people you could ever imagine. without them ewe couldn't have done anything. >> the body of another missing girl, chelsea king was found last week not far from where amber dubois's body was found. the police have arrested a sex offend her king's case but not said whether the two cases are connecteded. u.s. officials are stopping short of confirming an american-born al qaeda spokesperson was arrested today in pakistan. the 30-year-old adam released a militant video earlier today. in the video, he praises the man charged in the fort hood shootings as being a role model for other muslims. he grew up in california and has been wanted by the fbi since 2004 for treason. pakistani officials say the man
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caured today was him, but american intelligence believe he might be a taliban leader. an apparent change of heart for some looters in chile. check that out. hundreds of appliances and goods had been dumped on the streets in that country. looters stole them after last week's earthquake. police say it may not be all remorse, though. some people may have put them there because police are going door-to-door searching homes for stolen goods. about a million dollars in contraband has now been recovered. meanwhile, flags are at half-staff to mourn those killed last week. democrats will be working hard this week trying to get a health care reform bill passed. the administration says it wants to have that bill through the house within two weeks. while many republicans are still against the bill, some democrats are also still not convinced. the white house, now acknowledges it will most likely have to pass the bill using the proceed to your allow lawmakers to pass it juicing simple
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majority. passing controversial, major legislation during an election year. this is especially difficult. >> what we're tking about is the president said, is finishing the job and the urgency of the timetable is not about some congressional time clock. >> this is not a fight between republicans and democrats. in a real sense it's between the democrats and people. 58% of the people are against this bill. >> either way. president obama says he wants a health care bill on his desk b the time he leaves the country for a march 18th trip. today's warm weather meant a long-awaited day in the sun for people across the district and a well-deserved preview of spring. people here in southeast d.c. took full advantage of it, running, fishing and even doing some kayaking. the winter storms dropped more snow than d.c. has ever seen and many were anxious to get out and get some exercise. not just for them, but for their dogs as well. >> he desperately needed get
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out of the house. we were out here yesterday, too. it wasn't as warm. we had a great time. played, ran trails, had fun, chased sticks and dogs. >> and if you take a close look out there, there's some sure signs that spring is right around the corner. cherry blossom buds are starting to pop up. how many days of the warm weather can we expect? chuck is in the storm center with the answer. hey, craig. we've got at least two more days of the really good stuff before we have to start making up for it with a little something we don't necessarily want to hear anymore about which is colder weather. take a check of our high temperatures today across the area. 59 degrees here in washington. still haven't made it to 60. but down into the springfield mixing bowl area, 60 degrees. 63 in culpepper for a high today. charlottsville, 62. and i think everybody can add one or two degrees to that as we get into tomorrow and tuesday. current temperatures are back down into the 40s in town but already, 20s on the virginia
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piedmont. so, monday sunshine and more mild days. yes, march lion looming. yes. craig, details on that coming up. >> all right, chuck bell, thanks. still ahead, a congressman makes a trip he made for the first time some 45 years ago in one of the defining moments of the civil rights movement. and fighter jeets scramble to intercept a plane that flew into restricted airspace over d.c. and the bizarre investigation into why a man climbed into the national zoo's elephant exhibit this weekend. lindsay, what you got? nascar driver goes for a wild ride in atlanta. and the american eagles try to keep their season alive against lehigh. and the wizards go to boston and try to squeak out a win. news4 at 11 continues.
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trains tore through a -- flames tore through a gas station this morning on addison road. at one point the flames were so
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high, so hot, power line as fwof gas station were scorched. fortunately, no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how that fire started. federal investigators are looking into why a pilot violated d.c. airspace this morning. the piper p-28 d flew into an area designated as a federal no-fly zone because of its 'proximity to the white house. two f-16 fighter planes flew in, asked the pilot to change his frequency and tk to the faa tower. pilot was eescorted to roanoke where he was investigated. the police arrested a man who they say broke into the elephant exhibit at the national zoo. zoo officials found the man ands skortd him off the property. but he showed up again and that's when they called police. officials say the area the man enters was closed for renovations to he didn't come into contact with any elephants. zoo officials say the man may have had some psychiatric
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problems. howard university students took to the street to raise money for an alternative spring break. they started at about 6:00 a.m. along georgia avenue and they hoped to raise some $50,000o help others in cities across america. the students hope to travel to atlanta, chicago, detroit and new orleans. they want to spend their spring break doing good. their projects include helping kids struggling with gang and helping adults learn to read. good luck. it was hollywood's biggest night. but a corporate dispute came pretty close to keeping about 3 million viewers from even seeing oscars. we'll tell you. and chuck will tell us about our work-week forecast right after this.
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the pol have closed on one of iraq's most haerk elections ever. rierng residents living here in
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the d.c. area connued to vote at a hotel in arlington. casting ballots in iraq was a lot tougher. at least 36 were killed from bombings and other violent attacks meant to intimidate voters. this is only the second parl men tear election since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003. today, president obama praised the iraqi people for getting to the polls despite the violence. today in the face of violence from those this would only destroy, iraqi took a step forward in the hard work of building up their country. united states will continue to help them in that effort as we responsibly end this war and support the iraqi people as they take control of their future. president obama says he plans to have all u.s. combat forces out of iraq by the end of august. all remaining troops will be out of the country by the end of next year. it was one of the defining moments of the civil rights movement. the voting rights march, from selma to montgomery, alabama. but 45 years ago today, it got
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off to a violent start on what became known as "bloody sunday." as lester holt reports, some that were there then returned to selma today. >> reporter: this time they crossed the bridge not to protest, but to remember. >> it doesn't feel like it's been 45 years. it feels like it was a few short years ago. >> reporter: today as he did then, veteran congressman, john lewis helped to lead the march. >> we were going to march to montgomery. >> reporter: on this day in 1965, hundreds of marchers set out for the state's capital but were stopped almost before they began. >> you are order to do disburse. >> reporter: on orders from alabama governor, george wallace. troopers and deputies fired tear gas and beat the marchers back with batons and electric cattle prods. more than 80 were injured. march was organized by dr. martin luther king. >> it will be a great thing to walk to montgomery for freedom
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all the way from selma, alabama. >> reporter: the marchers were forced to retreat but the violence had outraged the nation and the president. the national guard and u.s. army were ordered in. and on march 25th, 1965, the marchers finally reached montgomery. >> this truth is marching on! >> reporter: five months later, president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act outlaws discrimination at the polls. to bear witness, dr. king and jeanne lewis. the signing took place in the very same room where 44 years later, president obama took his first act as president. today in a statement, the president said -- let us honor the memory of all those who were shoved and beaten within an inch of their lives because they believed in the simple truth that every american, regardless of race, had the right to cast a vote. had the right to live free. had the right to reach for their
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dreams. >> that was lester holt reporting. the route is memorialized as the selma to montgomery voting rights trail. it is a u.s. national historic trail as well. millions w missed the first few minutes of tonight's oscar ceremony nearly missed the whole thing. cable provider, cable vision, has about 3 million customers in new york, new jersey and connecticut. last night, disney, abc's parent company pulled their programming on cable vision. disney wants them to pay them an additional $40 million a year in subscription fees but the cable giant refused saying it already pays disney about $200 million a year. abc scrolled a message like this one on your screen. they scrolled the message letting viewers know they were going back on the air while the deal was finalized. we'll have a recap of the oscars coming up '. right now, here's chuck bell. he had a fantastic sunday. beautiful saturday. what's the word on the work
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week, chuck bell? do you have tomorrow you have, craig? >> no, i'll be here. >> that's a shame. tomorrow's going to be another great day to be outside. what about duz. you got tuesday off? >> i'll be here on tuesday as well. >> that's a shame. tuesday will be a great day, too. right now on your sunday night, still mostly clear skies overhead. a few fair-weather clouds moving through and current temperature down to 4 2 degrees after a 59-degree day today, to this point in the year last year, we had already had seven days of 60 degrees or higher. this year, only two. but tomorrow may be number three. coming our way poupt side right now, current temratures down to 42 in washington. but with the dry air and clear sky in place, look at how the temperatures have plummet add cross the virginia piedmont, 28 degrees in manassas.
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and 44 in southern princef1 o george's county. 39 by the bay. here's your doppler radar. no rain around us. a few light, dying showers and most of that will go down to the south and west. the only impact on our weather is a few clouds around. on the big picture around the country, look at the mild air across the southern plain states. in addition to that, more moisture. these are dew point temperatures. teens and 20s around us. 40s and 50s in the southern plains. that's the moisture that will be coming here as we head toward the middle of the week. for now, you can see the little ripple in the atmosphere coming through the ohio valley. that's drying up as it comes into the dry air mass we have in place. this year of low pressure, moving into western parts of arizona. the western rim of the grand canyon will tap that pacific moisture and eventually, engulf the atlantic moisture and bring clouds back by wednesday morning. and opportunities for rain as early as noontimish on wednesday.
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and then going forward from there on into next weekend. so you need to get outside and enjoy tomorrow or tuesday. high pressure is in control of the weather for monday and tuesday. by late in the day on tuesday, the cloud line back to the south and west, by wednesday morning, the clouds are in place. so for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, chilly around town. cold in the western suburbs and then tomorrow afternoon, those clouds pull away. mostly sunny and delightful. three of my favorite words. the all-important seven-day forecast as we get to the workweek. sunshine for tomorrow with a high of 60. same story on tuesday for 60 degrees and sunshine. only a 30% chance of rain on wednesday. but at least a 60% chance of rain as we get toward thursday afternoon and thursday night. could get an inch of rain between thursday and friday. and that's when the heaviest and steadiest of the rains are likely to occur. saturday, still a chance of showers and, craig, we might have rain on sunday. so tomorrow and tuesday are it. >> so basically what you're
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saying is my next off day is the data it rains the most? >> the next time you have sunshine and an off day will be in april. sports is up next. including things got a little hairy at the nascar race in atlanta. lindsay will explain it right after this.
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we're talking about the which stards on the road. at the boston garden, how did they do? >> there was a little choking going on. on the road, the wizards really looks like a different team than the one that laid an egg friday night. that's how they started off. blache, was reliable. al thorton scored a team-high 24 points. the wizards led by 13 at one
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point in this game. but it went down to the wire. in boston, saunders wanted to see a good effort. the second quarter, wizards are up by four. to kevin garnet and then he de's denied and mcgee says, i don't think so. miller to blache and he gives it to al thorton with the dunk. thorton had 24 points on the night. fourth quarter, the wizards lead by four. randy passes to miller and with the quick pass to blache he makes the lay-up and gets the foul. blache has 23 points. in the fourth the wheels started to fall off. under 25 seconds to go with the wizards up by one and you don't give the ball to ray allen. he nails the three-pointer and gives boston the lead by two. just over 5 seconds to play and the wizards are down by three and they have one final chance. randy pushes it up the court, gives it to thorton and his shot is short and the wizards fall to
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the celtics, 86-83. and college hoops, they play at 7:00 against the winner of thursday's game between georgia tech and north carolina. meanwhile, american university took the road at lehigh with a birth in the patriot league final on the line. american, the two-time league defending champion but the eagles lost both games against lehigh in the regular season. what would happen? in bethlehem, pennsylvania, jeff jones trying to coach the eagles into their third straft league championship game. but a rough start. lehigh took an 11-0 lead but the eagles battled back. draining the three from the top of the circle and the eagles got within three points twice in the first half. coming up short on the three-point attempts and the hawks get an advantage and take at ts time other way.
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c. jorks c.j. is over and they fall, 79-57. and georgetown women's basketball team lost in the big east quarterfinals in double overtime to rutgers, 63-56. if you wonder why people love nascar -- i know you do -- it's because 06 races like today's. curt bush in his first season, got his first unwin of the year but that was completely overshadowed by the drama that left one driver airborne and the other, carl edwards in a private meeting with officials. dale earnhardt jr. starting on the poll but a 15th place finish. 'brad keselowski gets in the back of carl edwards and edwards to joey and there's payback. watch this. lap 323. edwards with revenge. he taps 'brad keselowski and sends him up and air borne. his car is flipping like a match
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boxcar in the air. he said he felt like it was an intentional wreck. not t brightest move by carl edwards. keselowski, even though his car was banged up, he got up and walked on his own power. he talkedbout the stint after he spent some time in the care center. >> it will be interesting to see how nascar reacts to it. they have the ball. if they are going to allow people to intentionally wreck each other at track this is fast, we'll hurt someone in the car or grand stands so it's not cool to intentionally wreck somebody at 195 miles per hour. >> i have a lot of respect for people's safety. i wish it didn't go that way. i'm glad he's okay. maybe him and i won't have any more incidents together. >> back on the track and it's not going to end. huge wroek. jamie mcmurray looses control. mark martin and denny hamlin are all involved. when the dust all cleared it was this guy in the blue dodge curt busch who wins his second
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straight spring race. to high school hoops, an unbelievable ending down to the wire tonight. we've got two incredible schools. bishop o'connell, trailing and marshall took it in and the game is tied at 61 with 5.6 seconds to go. what's it going to be? gonzaga cedric lindsay takes it and he's going to shoot? no. he found malcolm and the buzzer beater and gonzaga bea o'connell, 63-51. >> we'll be right back.
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skbhoo. and the biggest and brightest stars were out town for the oscars. jeff bridges took the best actor award for "crazy heart." month neek for "precious." and christopher walls as supporting actor. and "avatar" and "the hurt locker" the two favorites. those are your oscar winners. you might knowhe razzies and they were presented in hollywood last night. the razzies poke fun at the worst in the movie industry for the last year.
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sandra bullock won fors worst actress in "what about steve?" and the jonas brother's 3-d concert experience. that was a well-deserved razzy. razzy for worst movie of 2009, "transformers." >> that speaks volumes. >> i liked that one. >> whatever. >> good to see you up here, buddy. >> i looirng slumming a little bit. >> we like to be close up here. we'll be back tomorrow. "meet the press" is up next. until tomorrow, that's the news. good night.
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a good price, and that works for me. more savings, every time you shop, only at giant. >> dancing with the stars and candice could kate take home the ball. hiverybody. >> brilliant casting decision. i love it. hi everybody. kate already hit the dance floor looks fierce. are you a >> i can not dance. >> can't dance. what a extension and nice tan and looking spectacular in the are you a pettive person? >> have you watched my show. >>reporter: and to keep the casting on dance with the stars
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big mouths i mean her kids on monday. her partner tony told experience which is actually a good thing. i have no bad most of the rehearsal time at her pennsylvania home. basement while they are home or sleeping and when they are at studio. so the whole goal is obviously to be at home as much forth every week. >>reporter: but what does the spokesperson told access. >> john is happy for kate and new season of dancing with the stars. >> after kimmel and all my chirp stud turner spotted stk but not so soon. >> front runner. also joining evan and and shann


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